Thursday, October 16, 2008

the very best things in life

fair readers, let me warn you all that today's blog is a little warm and fuzzy. it may even boarder on being a bit sickening to some of you that are rather used to my potty mouth and sarcasm. if you are prepared, read on. if not, try again in a few days and i may have something else to talk about by then.

i am a bit of a germ-o-phobe. before having a kid, the mere thought of a petting zoo grossed me out. how on earth could somebody go in there, touch animals, feed animals and not wash their hands with hot soapy water upon exiting? i mean really.

considering that we live in a rural part of the world and this week is the week of the annual county fair event, we had to go naturally. it's not called a fair but an exposition TVE actually). there is a carnival, but it's not large. there is an exhibition hall, but it's mostly just local candidates trying to smile and wave at the most people. there is fried food booths, but mostly it's barbequed meats that folks buy. and the main reason people go is the animals.

it seems to me that a majority of the kids in this area are involved in 4H or FFA. kids out here know how to raise animals. they know how to care for livestock. 40 pound 6 year old girls show cattle that out weigh their entire families. so we took our kid to go see the animals.

i was afraid that he wouldn't care. he is indifferent yet to so many things on account of the fact that he is only 2 and is still quite unsure of the world. however, right inside the entrance to the TVE is the petting zoo and pony rides. it was raining so the pony rides were out. DAMN. i so wanted him to ride a pony. i never got to do a pony ride as a child and i really needed him to do it so i could live vicariously through him. anyhow, all of the ponies from the pony ride were in the tent with the rest of the petting zoo animals. i paid my fifty cents for a cup of "feed" and took the little man in.

the next few minutes filled me with so much pride and simple unadulterated joy, i could have cried. my baby loved feeding the animals. he was so gentle and interested in them. he didn't spaz and freak out. he didn't whack any of the animals with his kung fu chops. he didn't scream. he was amazing. i was so proud of him and surprised that he enjoyed it so much that i forgot about my germmy animal issues and i began feeding the goats and sheep and ponies right out of the palm of my hand as well. and it was really damn fun. it was a perfect few minutes shared between us and it was even more perfect when i looked up to make sure my husband was watching our son and i could see the pride and happiness in his face as well.

we eventually got around to touring the livestock barns and looking at all the cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and rabbits that were to be shown at this year's expo. seeing a kid light up with excitement and wonder at new sights, smells and sounds is great. i just hope he keeps that interest in animals and when he gets big enough we can keep some pigs or goats and learn all about raising them.


KimmyDarling said...

So sweet. You should be really proud-- he's not like that by accident, you know.

Angie said...

Aw, that is too cute. You're such a good mommy getting all germy for him.