Saturday, October 25, 2008

film genius, musical genius, psychotic drugged poet

i love the music of the doors. i love the oliver stone film about them. i love jim morrison's writing - his poetry and his lyrics.

both the film and the music of the doors takes me back to a place in my life where i was desperate. it was a desperation for change, for control, for wanting to be noticed and wanting to fit in within a crowd at the same time. i was a freshman at the University of Arizona at that time. i am not sure when the film came out, but it was either 1996 or 1997 when i finally saw it.

my soul was tortured and morrison's words resonated with me. they made sense and i felt them. i drank too much and ended up giving myself ulcer's from my stress and worry.

i have since grown up. i have grown old. ok, so i am only 30 now, but i am world's away from where i was then. many days i feel like a very old soul. listening to, watching, reliving the doors is comforting. sure, it reminds me of my own pain at that time. however, it also makes me nostalgic. it reminds me of long late summer nights with friends. parties. the college experience. drugs. the words and notes remind me of trying to figure who i really was. i was still basking in the glory of being a highschool superstar. furiously working towards a career goal that has long since been deserted.

i don't know what it is about jim morrison and the doors. morrison walked a fine line between genius artist and completely fucked up lunatic. i guess everyone's baggage pros and cons.

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