Tuesday, October 7, 2008

so the universe is a strange place

remember my neighbors that were just certain that somebody was trying to gain unlawful entry to their home the other night? these same neighbors have admitted to poisoning dogs that wander into their yard. they also have been known to shoot firearms wrecklessly across their yard and in the direction of my family's property when we have been outside.

yeah, them. well, their house burnt up on sunday.

they have a history of burning the trash that they toss into their back yard. and it stinks. bad. so my husband and i are sitting in the house on sunday afternoon and we smell the stench of something burning. one of us commented that the neighbor must be burning trash again.

a few minutes later we hear sirens and horns of the volunteer firefighters' trucks. one of us commented that the neighbor probably set the house on fire. the other one of us chuckled because the notion seemed entirely unfathomable at that time.

so we go look to see where the trucks are going and what is happening and sure enough the neighbors' home in on fire. smoke is so thick outside that it is painful to breathe. they walked out of their house with nothing. if no foul play (insurance fraud) was involved, this means that these folks lost all their worldly possessions. regardless of how screwy they are, that's just sad.

rumor has it that the fire appeared to be the result of some electrical malfunction in the attic space, not a trash fire that wasn't properly tended to. who knows? i will leave it to the insurance adjusters and the fire inspectors to decide.

karma is a heartless bitch, so be good to other people and animals.

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