Monday, January 19, 2009

obsessing over a wedding gift

one of my oldest friends is getting married. i don't know what to get her. this is a conundrum for me, a bit of a pickle.

the gift should be something i can either easily slip into a suitcase or something that i can have shipped directly to her home. the gift should be original and thoughtful. the gift should be entirely affordable because we are broker than broke and i just shelled out close to $200 for a bridesmaid dress and close to $400 for a plane ticket to get to this wedding. i want the gift to be meaningful and not just some random thing off her registry.

who is she? she is a super stylish, brilliant, outgoing girl. i have no clue why she is friends with the likes of me... harhar. the biggest problem for me is coming up with something that she will use and like but she or her fiance don't already own. any ideas, folks? please please leave me some ideas.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

stuff halfy likes

i have an acquaintence who has a blog dedicated to endorsing things she likes. hence, the name of her blog is Stuff Kimmy Likes. so, in honor of that blog, i just thought i'd talk about my favorite things du jour.

-nintendo DS. oh how do i love this little game machine. i actually only have one game so far because i just got it for Christmas, but i can NOT stop playing. i have the original Brain Age game. i thought i'd be all about the little mind games and such on there, but really i have not been able to pull myself away from the sudoku. talk about a time killer. oh, and this morning my brain age was 48! gahhhh. 20 is the best and most days i am within a year or two of my actual age but for some reason this morning my head was off into the future feeling out the early stages of old-person-crazy-and-slow.

- limited edition chex winter mix, cocoa flavor. it's better than crack. check it out. actually look at walmart for it. i went grocery shopping on saturday morning and found it on clearance for 50 cents for a big bag. i only bought two but i am guessing that when i get back there, it will be long gone.

- Trader Joe's Trek Mix. i love the one that is nothing but craisins, cashews and almonds. yum.

really, i guess that's it. i didn't have much of anything to say today but i felt like giving some kudos to a couple of my latest obsessions.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

the most perfect man in the world

the most perfect man in my world is married to me. cheers to seven years together. i love him for everything that he is, everything he works for, hopes for, laughs about, and gives.

seven years ago, he chased me around a bar all night. seven years ago i started dating him thinking he was a rebound boy to date and help boost my self esteem and part ways. seven years have flown by. i have never loved or been loved like i am right this minute.