Monday, January 19, 2009

obsessing over a wedding gift

one of my oldest friends is getting married. i don't know what to get her. this is a conundrum for me, a bit of a pickle.

the gift should be something i can either easily slip into a suitcase or something that i can have shipped directly to her home. the gift should be original and thoughtful. the gift should be entirely affordable because we are broker than broke and i just shelled out close to $200 for a bridesmaid dress and close to $400 for a plane ticket to get to this wedding. i want the gift to be meaningful and not just some random thing off her registry.

who is she? she is a super stylish, brilliant, outgoing girl. i have no clue why she is friends with the likes of me... harhar. the biggest problem for me is coming up with something that she will use and like but she or her fiance don't already own. any ideas, folks? please please leave me some ideas.

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