Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hello darlin'. nice to see you.

it's been a long time...

oops. i never intended to go this long without posting here. what's new?

i now have some super gothy black hair. the box of hair color said dark brown. hence i wanted a darker brown than i already had. not black. brown. c'est la vie, i suppose. it doesn't bother me too much, i mean, it's not like i can look at myself and think critical thoughts all day long. i have other stuff to do. the only reason i am concerned is because i am going to be a bridesmaid in 2 weeks. she is not expecting gothy mcbridesmaid to make an appearance.

let's see. what else?
oh yeah. drunk people who are flaming idiots should not throw stones when they live in glass houses. in other words don't call me an asshole for something that happened last week when you weren't adult enough to ask about it then. especially when the whole ordeal had absolutely NOTHING to do with you. or maybe you were too drunk to notice. so just mind your business and sober the fuck up. and oh yeah, mall bangs went out a couple of decades ago.

ok, back to acting my age now. except now i can't think of anything else to say. haha, bummer.

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Kelly said...

You could tell her you know she has loved Johnny Cash and this is your tribute to the Man in Black. And then if she says she hates Johnny Cash, you can tell her you must have confused her with someone else.... or that it's your Lily Allen impression and just get rolling drunk at the reception. Well, you could do that either way.