Tuesday, October 21, 2008

how much sense does this make?

none. i will just tell you that the answer is that it makes no damn sense whatsoever.

the big scary tree that lives, grows, exists, and terrorizes me right behind our house was damaged in hurricane Rita in 2005. it wasn't bad damage, but it was damaged. it got even more damage in last month's hurricane ike. there are several ginormous branches that are broken or nearly broken but are stuck, hung up or dangling in the other foilage on the tree.

this poor old losing its beauty oak tree needs to be professionally removed. every time the wind blows i fear that part or all of the tree is going to land on my roof and therefore crush my happy little aluminum trailer house.

finally, over a month after the last hurricane, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance company sent their inspectors out to assess our damage and see what they could help with. sure, we have damged fence lines. the skirting around the bottom of the house is about 90% wrecked or gone completely. the back door won't even close and we have tape, yes tape, sealing bugs out around the edge of the door. and the whole house is very unlevel. everything in our fridge and freezer was ruined. we will probably receive money to help with all that.

but do you know what? until that big ass tree that looms over our roof actually falls and does damage to our structure, they can't do a damn thing about it. now again, how much sense does that make? it is a big threat to our home. it would cost much less for them to help with the cost of hiring tree guys than it will to oh... let's say replace a whole entire house and its contents when the tree crushes our house like an empty beer can.

fuck. here's hoping that the estimate for all of our other damage will pay for getting the tree removed. i couldn't care less about the bent fence on the back of the back forty. i am sure we can salvage some of our skirting ourselves also. just get the thorn in my side, or rather the tree looming over us like a black rain cloud, gone.

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Accidental housewife said...

Insurance is an enigma wrapped up in a paradox wrapped up in a bunch of bull shit.