Saturday, October 11, 2008

a most unglamourous morning

those that know me know that i don't wear make-up. i don't fix my hair any special way. i am not a fashion maven. however, this morning made my normal appearance look as though i had just hopped out of the pages of a trendy magazine.

last night the giant toddler got sick. right at bedtime he started a sad little cough. by 11 pm, he had woken himself up with coughing and crying a couple of times. it went downhill from there.

he couldn't lay down without coughing. i finally gave in and accepted that he needed rest and if he didn't get it, neither of us would. so i sat up on the couch holding him all night so he could be somewhat upright.

by the time 5 am rolled around and very little sleep by me, we were a mess. i had baby drool and snot all over my shirt. my hair was a ratty mess, my glasses bent. my boy had peed so much in his sleep that his diaper leaked all over both of us and we were both wearing wet pajamas. yuck. the cough medicine i had tried to convince him to take in the darkness last night had dripped all over both of us in a sticky pink mess. we put on clean pajamas and returned to the couch where we both slept like rocks for about 2 hours.

there is simply nothing that makes a mom more unpretty than caring for a sick little one. now if you will excuse me i will be bathing and doing laundry...

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Accidental housewife said...

Oh yes, the wonderful kalediscope of throw up, medicine, snot, drool and assorted drinks mixed with no sleep and a sick kid. Lovely!

Halfy you need a nice long bath, an adult beverage and a night where someone else tends to the giant toddler.

Hope you get some rest.