Saturday, October 4, 2008

things that go bump, or rather BANG, in the night

so there i was last night. all chillax in the living room with my husband and we hear a BANG outside. husband says, "that sounded like a gun shot." to which i replied "because it was."

so about 15-20 minutes later my father in law, who if you will remember lives next door, comes walking up on our front porch. he has a mag lite in one hand, a pistol in the other and he is wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. a beautiful picture, let me tell ya.

apparently the neighbor on the other side of his house said she saw somebody trying to break into her bedroom window. she has a single shot rifle and so she fired her only shot "over the guy's head" and caused him to run off. ummm, ok.

so husband grabs his handgun and his mag lite. we both throw on flip flops and head outside. the three of us walk the back of our fenceline and visually skim every corner and possible hiding place in our back pasture. nobody is there.

by this point, i am nerved up. i am a little freaked out. no, i am a lot freaked out. i hated living in houston because of the crime. country life suits me just fine because there is virtually nothing bad happening out here besides an occasional drug bust or a drunken domestic violence call. the very idea of a person with ill intentions creeping around in the darkenss outside my house gives me chills.

so we finally come back inside. husband keeps his handgun loaded. he loads his .22 and has it ready as well. about 30 minutes later we hear another damn gun shot. seriously? seriously? is this "let's entirely fuck up halfy's head night"? nothing was happening outside.

there were no neighbors outside talking and the law never did come even though they were called. as the rest of the evening went on, i kind of decided that the neighbor who claims to have seen the would-be intruder is a bit off her rocker. their back yard is a dump. more than likely she saw a raccoon or a 'possum bopping around outside her window and didn't know better.

you would think that even stupid criminal types would know better than to try to jack with red neck country folks. i mean, everyone out here is armed. pretty much everyone out here would shoot to maim if not kill. and really, from the house that was supposedly targeted, there was no where to go but back out onto the highway and be seen. idiots.

surprisingly i slept like a log last night. nothing else went "BANG"!

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