Monday, July 21, 2008

it's past my bedtime and i'm eating cheezits

it's 10:41 pm. i am generally in bed before 10. i am a wuss. i can't rock the late nights anymore. it might have something to do with the fact that i have a toddler who generally wakes up by 6:30 or it may just be that the older i get, the more i relish, enjoy and simply long for sleep.

my beloved husband is working all night. again. he works in the "the oil field" and he works very long hours, sometimes a work "day" is as long as 30-36 hours long. when he is not going to be sleeping to the right of me, i force myself to stay up very late so that when i do go to bed i will fall asleep almost immediately. don't ask me why. it's just what i do.

so i'm home alone, sort of. the toddler is in bed. i have a book that i must read. it was lent to me about 2 weeks ago and i have only read a chapter of it. granted it's a short book but, i still haven't read much of it. it has been on my to-read list for a couple of years. you'd think i might take this opportunity to read. as the practically single parent of a toddler who rarely gets time to do such simple and pleasurable adult things as reading a book, i should be reading the damn book.

instead i am eating cheezits.

it's now 11:33 pm. much time has passed because around 35 minutes ago my brother damn near gave me a coronary by walking into my house. i don't know about you but when somebody unexpectedly enters my house late at night i tend to panic. thank god i didn't scream. that would have woken the small person and then i would have had to try to kick my big brother's ass which wouldn't be physically possible. it just would have ended up real ugly for me. brother is in a good mood, but won't spill any details about his new girlfriend. i doubt that i will get anything of my sister in law either. jerks. don't they know that i should be privvy to whatever details of their private lives that i desire? i kid. i love them both and respect their privacy. but i AM a nosey bitch and relish whatever lurid details they might share with me.

i think i need to go lay in bed and stuff my nose into the book i'm supposed to be reading so i can return it. i know as soon as i read a paragraph or maybe a page i'll be asleep. it's past my bedtime and i am done with the cheezits.

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