Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bite me

i am pissed. i am whiney. i am not suitable for public consumption or viewing. i am a bitch today. i want pity and i want flowers to miraculously be delivered to me from a certain person who ought to be kissing my ass instead chewing it out.

but whatever. i am exhausted. i am stressed out. i wants a full night's sleep. do you hear that, toddler? do you? did you know that your momma is much more fun and lovable when she gets enough sleep? no, he doesn't hear. he will probably be waking up crying several times a night until he starts kindergarten.

it's a gloomy rainy day. i feel it. all i want to do is shout and use my very favorite word which happens to be fuck. no, all i really want to do is sleep. but fuck that. i will drink coffe and diet coke all day. i will sit on the porch and smoke too many cigarettes and stew. i will NOT cook dinner and everyone else in the world besides my son can suck it.

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