Saturday, August 9, 2008

things are pretty damn good today

just some random musings here...

- it's amazing how an adrenaline rush can give you some freakish super human strength. when somebody is so incredibly out of shape as i am can out of nowhere do what i did last night, it's something. let's just say that everything turned out ok, but fear and motherly instinct can make a body capable of astonishing feats.

- my boys are both sleeping. my adorable husband has passed out on the couch and my precious toddler is sound asleep in his crib. it's so nice to have my husband home for a few hours duing daylight hours. even if he is passed out in a solid man nap.

- the kid is just getting smarter and smarter by the day. he makes me smile so much i feel like a damn goon. almost a year ago i was told he was very likely autistic and while i believed it, i was determined to not let it kidnap my baby into a silent world of no interaction with other people. now, he's charming. a flirt really. he knows how to get what he wants and he knows what buttons to push to get to momma or daddy's pushover side. he follows directions, he knows a few sign language signs, and he really does try to say words. and he makes his stuffed snoopy give his momma kisses, which is really the very best thing ever.

- two of my favorite people are still happy dating each other. yippee! in regards to their privacy, i am not saying anything else about them here. just that i am still happy for them, even though it seems really really weird to look at them as a couple instead of who they were as individuals in my life first.

- just over a month away is a BIG ASS girls' weekend. many friends from hither and yon are coming in to this gathering. i will be carpooling with a very very wise and funny woman. the car ride to the gathering and back should by itself make the whole weekend worthwhile. i am stoked and already planning what i am going to wear.

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