Friday, August 15, 2008

peer pressure or vanity or fatty needs to slim down

i am going on a smallish vacation in september. okay, so it's a road trip to austin to spend the weekend with some girlfriends. however, cnhubby mc jiggly gut here needs to get on the ball to get into some better shape. my trip is my inspiration.

after not exercising at all during the month of June - due to extreme illness and out of twon guests, i am at square one again. when my husband has days off, i manage to get to the fitness center and get on a treadmill... most of the time. it's hard making myself go when i know i can't run like i used to. however, the last two days i have loaded toddler child into the car and taken him to our local city park.

he gets a nice shady ride in a big cooshy stroller while i swelter and sweat and burn about a jillion calories for at least 45 minutes while pushing him all around the walking trails through the park. yay me.

when i was so ill during June, i managed to lose seven pounds in one week. it's easy to do when everything down to the tiniest sip of water is puked up within minutes, and then you continue to puke even though nothing has been ingested into your body for 2 days...

here's hoping that by mid september i can lose at least 5 pounds. here's also hoping that i will keep myself going. toddler loves the park, so there is some benefit for him too. happy toddler equals happy mama.

when i met myhusband i wavered between 105 and 110 pounds. i wore a size 2 jeans. i fantacize about being that tiny and healthy again. i say healthy because back then i used to run at least a couple of miles every damn day. now i have the stretchmarked, foppy nasty post baby pouch on my stomach and i can't get rid of it. blah.

so to steal a sentiment from my friend Angie who recently had a weight loss blog entry, i need to make this my mantra now: run fat ass, run!

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