Saturday, August 16, 2008

McMom checking in

so after my last entry about needing to slim down and start making some healthier choices for myself, McMommy decided that a jaunt through the mcdonald's drive through was a great idea for lunch.

toddler was all over his cheeseburger. this is fabulous for me. he is not a meat eater. he eats hot dogs and those vile disgusting horrid things called vienna sausages. i can't ever get him to eat home cooked (or restaurant cooked) chicken, beef, pork, fish, anything. a couple of weeks ago my sister in law picked him up a happy meal and he did eat it pretty well which was what inspired today's attempt. he was so cute holding his sandwich like a big boy rather than having it broken up into smaller pieces. he also generously fed his last little bit of lunch to the dog when he was finished with it.

tonight we are eating vegetables and tomorrow, hopefully, it's back to either the gym or the walking trails to burn off my McFatAss.

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