Monday, August 4, 2008

fuck off edouard

i am a desert rat through and through. the deepest darkest blackest depths of my corrupt soul are of the desert. i know and understand drought, blistering heat with no humidity, the monsoons at the end of summer...

now, in the south, i must contend with the threat of hurricanes along with other strange things like torrential rains that last for days, tornadoes, and humid air so thick it's practically suffocating.

within the last day or so tropical storm edouard has formed in the gulf of mexico and has a forecasted path that takes it pretty much right over my area. i am scared shitless. or rather, i am scared sick. my stomach has been in knots all day. i have that ulcer-y feeling eating away at my gut. i hate anything that can be classified as weather. hate it. HATE.

living in a trailer (mobile home) doesn't allow a worry wart desert rat like me any piece of mind. i fear the winds that might blow so hard they would damage our house. i fear winds that will cause one of the many large trees around our house to break and land on our roof. i fear being without electricity for days on end.

the anticipation is the worst. i wish it would just come on already. or else fall apart. all i really want to say is "fuck off, edouard."

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