Saturday, May 16, 2009

the coma-inducing couch

we have a couch and a loveseat. they are extremely comfortable, not so hot in the aesthetics department but they are just delightful to decline on.

i woke up around my normal time this morning. i drank my coffee, i wrote checks to pay our mid-month bills, and i did my Wii-fit workout. i took my shower and started getting lunch stuff ready for the ball crew. i ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and suddenly it was like i had been drugged.

my body literally ached for sleep. i felt drunk and as if i had been awake for days. my eyes needed to close. i got the kiddo down for his nap and i collapsed onto the couch.

nearly every night my husband comes home from work and at some point in the evening he sits on the couch and passes out watching whatever dumb man show he pretends that he will see. we joke about the cough being treated with some sort of drugs that cause deep heavy sleep to come on quickly and stealthily.

i wasn't on the couch for 30 seconds before i was out cold. i slept like a log for two hours until the phone rang and woke me up. it was my idiot-in-law on the other end which pissed me off, but that's a different story for a different time. my husband says that while i slept, he attempted to wake me and talk to me once to tell me he was running into town. he also had the tv off and on a couple of times and it started thundering and pouring rain outside. and i slept through it all.

i feel like a million bucks now. wish i could nap like this every day. actually, better yet, i wish i could sleep like this every night. maybe i should just put myself to bed on the couch every night or i could start nosing around the black market and seeing if i can't find myself some ruffies.


Kelly O said...

Dude, I just blogged that we all need a nap after lunch every day. We'd be in much better moods.

You Don't Know Me... said...
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