Sunday, May 10, 2009

and here it is... mother's day

i had planned on posting new blog entries over these last couple days saluting the awesome moms in my life. my friend Adrienne, my mother in law, my best friend's mom - all amazing in their own way that has influenced me for the better.

but, motherhood got in the way. my sweet boy is sick. he has coughed and sniffled and sneezed and whined for 3 days. i thought it was just a little cold virus. i've been giving him cough medicine at bedtime so that hopefully he may be able to sleep restfully without hacking himself awake a hundread times.

last night, i gave him his cough medicine and filled his bathtub. as soon as i got him out of the tub he started coughing really hard and crying until he threw up all over the bathroom floor and himself. so needless to say he went back into the tub and got re-bathed. then all night long he repeatedly woke up coughing and crying. this morning he feels like fire but he won't sit still long enough to take his temperature.

but despite all that, it's a great mother's day. why? how? how could a pukey toddler and no sleep be great? because it means that i get to do my job, an extremely hard job but a job i love. he needs me and i, him. this is what motherhood means to me. not just the giggles, hugs, kisses and all the first-time-doings, but all the hard stuff too; the sickness, the tantrums, the wreckingball that is a little boy. it's ALL the good stuff.

happy mother's day to me and to you. please don't forget to not only wish your mother a good day, but all the women who have guided you, comforted you, taught you, helped you, whatever, a happy mother's day. she will appreciate it whether she has kids or not.

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