Monday, December 22, 2008

time to put this old girl down.

just take me out to the barn and humanely euthanize me, please. i am quite certain i have pneumonia and probably some other lung-digesting disease as well. the sickness is sucking the stregth right out of my bones and muscles. in the last few days i have become one feeble, exhausted, dying lump of whimpering and coughing flesh.

i managed to get a doctor's appointment today and they are willing to see both me and my son at the same time since we are both gulping our last breaths and withering away from the same ailment. hopefully we can survive just a few more hours to make it into town to the clinic.

i am rather looking forward to the doctor's office. i can safely doze and let the hellion sickly toddler roam around the exam room which willbe kid-safe with no worries. doctors are always running late so i can pretty much count on getting a good hour long snooze there. note to self: take a pillow and blanket.

drink up my words and my twisty black thoughts because surely you understand the heaviness of malady now. i may not be back to share my thoughts again...

Merry Christmas or happy whatever winter holiday you may celebrate. may you find much love and joy this week.


Melissa said...

Please tell me you and W are feeling better!

Her Royal Highness, Princess White Trash of Mullet County said...

Hey Halfy,
I got the croup for Christmas, too.

However, since I had read the Christmas Shoes blog to my family, they all promised to run to Payless for me if the hacking an coughing got too severe!

Hope you are feeling better soon@