Friday, December 19, 2008

bah humbug.

too much is happening around me, about me, with me and without me. my thoughts have been going ninety to nothing lately as i am trying to keep up with everything and attempt to maintain some shread of my newly found and cherished sanity. my god, it seems that heartache and pain is striking so many people lately, i almost feel guilty taking any pleasure out of anything i do.

two very important things i need to say.
1. the previously mentioned person in need of an organ transplant has found a match. this is a very big and important step in getting her heathier. this is wonderful news.

2. my oldest and best friend on the planet lost a grandparent on wednesday evening. to her family, i am so very sorry. i love you all and my deepest sympathies go out to you. this time of the year has been so hard for your crew the last few years but i know that you are a strong and loving family and that will help you all cope.

in my own world, i am sick AGAIN, as is my son. my mother was in a hit and run accident last weekend. i have crippling cramps. a selfish and manipulative member of my extended family is making everyone insane with her awful behavior. i have friends who have lost family members and pets this week. i am simply spent: physically, emotionally and mentally.

just give me a couple of days. once i can get a handle on this cold or flu or whatever it is, i will bounce back. but for now i am run completely down.

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