Saturday, December 27, 2008

surviving christmas. just barely.

after our trek to see the doctor last monday, i was told that both my son and i had strep throat. he also had double ear infections. we had dualing coughs, fevers, the works. we left with matching mommy-&-me antibiotic prescriptions.

and thus began five days of hell. mine was fine and little by little i am almost back to 100%. my child's antibiotic, however, made him even sicker. i will spare you the details but mark my words, he will NEVER take that medication again. he has hardly eaten in over a week but his appetite has finally started to reemerge.

Christmas was wonderful, aside from feeling like death was knocking at my door. my family and friends showered my son with so many great gifts. he scored such things as a toddler size drum set, a huge train table set up, a tool bench, tons of books and clothes. we took dozens of pictures of the present opening but because the boy was so sickly, he has a nasty runny nose in almost every single one. this is the initial thrill with the drums.

and this is my little man rocking his first drum solo while little cousin in her brand new jammies looks on.

so here's hoping nobody else catches the crud we had. all the kids in the family had it and half of us adults had it as well. i also hope that your christmas was as wonderful and fulfilling as mine was.

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Gladys said...

Halfy that boy is too cute!

I'm glad you got the good drugs. Now you need lots of rest.