Thursday, September 9, 2010

if i had a million dollars

or enough money that i could really do something noteworthy with... i'd show a woman i will call Old Milwaukee's Best (OMB), how sad and miserable she really is.

OMB, which could also stand for old mean beeyotch, thinks she knows everything about our job. she thinks that even if something is running along fine and dandy, if it's not the way she imagined it would be, she will throw a monkey wrench at it, cause major drama and then act like a huge martyr when she has to fix it. i hate folks like that. i hate that kind of drama. OMB also treats anyone who works "beneath" her like they are privilaged to be in her presense and like they are stupid morons when the kids act like kids and aren't perfectly well-behaved agreeable little yes-men.

the best way to get under OMB's skin is to smile and agree with her, especially when she knows she is being awful. she hates to see other people doing their job, and being successful at it, because it makes her look even more outdated and less significant.

so, back to my original point. if i had unlimited fundage to do something work-related, i'd open my own child care center. yup. that's what i'd do. we'd have a rockin' program for the after school kids and children would be separated into age-appropriate groups that would be staffed properly. children, not the bottom line, would be the number ONE priority. kids with different needs or abilities would be considered and included and not treated like a pest.

so, anyone want to fund a project? i have no business knowledge or saavy at all. i am a worker bee. i have no idea how i would ever get a project like that off the ground so for now it looks like i will continue to be OMB's whipping boy (or girl as the case may be).

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