Sunday, August 9, 2009

so two months later

two months i have been working at a daycare. i've had pink eye and a stomach virus that caused me to vomit so hard, fast, and furiously for an entire day that i injured my back. i've laughed til i've cried, dried many more tears from small people, and solidified my belief in the notion that each day is what you choose for it to be. you have to want to be happy to be happy. now if i could just get a few of my charges to realize that.

i bought a new car, finally. went back to hyundai since the last one lasted through so much wear and tear. and they are affordable. i hate that i couldn't afford an american car with the state of our auto industry, but so it goes. i am loving my car and the new car smell.

my darling boy has come leaps and bounds ahead of where he was socially and with his speech/communication before he started attending day care. he uses rough sentences now. he says stuff for no reason. he is more creative and outgoing. he loves his teacher and i think she is an awesome person. watching her with the kids makes me so comfortable that my boy if my boy isn't spending his days with me, it's with her.

things are still up in the air with my husband's job. i am sick and tired of the stress and worry related to it. either his whole district office wills hut down or it won't. things may start getting better soon, or they could fall apart tragically without a second's notice. either way, there is nothing we can do but hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. it sucks but we will get through somehow.

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