Tuesday, September 9, 2008

we are, in fact, a hurricane magnet

yet another hurricane is coming our way... maybe.

we had edouard. then we were threatened with Gustav, which thankfully changed course at the last minute and hit Louisisana rather than the northeaster Texas coast. now we have Ike brewing around in the gulf.

it was supposedly headed exactly at us yesterday but as of the weather forecasters this morning it may be hitting the southern Texas coast now.

who knows?

i am just sick to death of the anticipation. the stocking up on crap ass pre packaged foods that won't go bad if the electricity goes out. it's so stressful waiting and watching a friggin storm as if we have nothing more productive to do. really!


Melissa said...

You were probably the 2nd person, my dad being first, that I thought of when I saw Ike was headed our/your way because I know how much you hate hurricanes.

Hopefully, it'll die down after this. It usually does come September.

Angie said...

I'm praying that it doesn't come anywhere near you. In fact, if he could just self-combust right there in the ocean that would be super.