Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a 4 wheelin' we will go

my sweet boy will turn 2 at the end of september. he is a very very large 23 month old. he is a monster and he has earned the nickname sasquatch among some.

my son's grandpa (Papa) bought him an early birthday present. Papa and Mimi have been talking about getting him a Power Wheels vehicle of some sort since he fist took an interest in his cousin's pink power wheels harley davidson.

yesterday after nap time Mimi and Papa called us over to their house - they live next door, remember. we go over and there on the patio is a shiney blue power wheels 4 wheeler. little man's eyes got as big as saucers. after a couple of minutes of eye balling it, he was in love and had to try it out.

he can't steer yet. and i am not sure if he 100% understands that the pedal to push with his foot is what makes it go and to stop he must pick up his foot, but nonetheless, he LOVES it.

what a lucky family we are. lucky to have such a sweet kid. lucky that our child has such wonderfully loving and generous grandparents who live right next door.

this is him late last evening. his eyes show how tired he is. but isn't he precious? (i know i'm not least little bit biased).


Sheila A said...

He is SO cute.

Angie said...

I. Want. Him. We must arrange a trade.