Thursday, April 30, 2009


- i want another tattoo. i want a line from the john keats poem Ode on Melancholy. it will say 'glut thy sorrows on a morning rose' and maybe have a small little flower. i would like it to be on the inside of one of my wrists. i'm just not sure i'm ready to get inked in such a conspicuous spot yet.

- my kid won't stop throwing things. i am at my wit's end and have turned to alcohol. two days in a row now. before lunchtime. i've tried slapping his hand as soon as he has thrown something. i've tried giving him a spank on the behind. i've tried time outs. i've tried lectures. i've tried ignoring it thinking that if the behavior didn't get attention it would stop. but, the little booger continues to throw things. it doesn't matter what, if he has it in his hand and he gets the urge, it becomes a projectile. short of handcuffing him or boxing gloves so that he can't pick anything up, how do i stop it? my liver thanks anyone for any suggestions.

- i am pissed at my Wii fit. don't get me wrong, i love it. i really enjoy it. what i don't love is that i have been on that thing for at least 45 minutes every day (doing aerobic exercise that causes me to sweat and short of breath) for almost a month now and i have not lost any weight. my ass is still the size of a tug boat.

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