Friday, March 27, 2009

hello snarkies.

geez louise, time flies when life comes flying at you like a 1990 buick that slams into the side of your car as he makes an illegal left turn out of KFC. well, okay, time doesn't really fly quite like that, but it does seem to pass rather quickly these days.

in the last month and change i have been in a wreck. had the car totaled out. been with my husband through four rounds of layoffs at his job in which he has survived each one - thanks universe. been to Arizona and watched one of my oldest friends get married. and had a big fat limb fall out of the sky and onto my home.

and we got a dog.

he is a boxer. his name is Charlie, officially. i named him that but i never call him that. so far he's been:
charles barkley
sir charles
charles dickens
charlie and the chocolate factory
charlie brown
charlie manson
charlie chaplin
charlie sheen
chuck norris
chuck berry
two buck chuck
hey asshole

you get the picture. anyhow, he all cute and funny and chatty like boxers tend to be. he is a crazed lunatic and my kid has a love/hate relationship with him. and i think i do too.

see, i like dogs just like i like kids. i don't like babies. and i don't like puppies. this little booger is trying my every last nerve. but each day he takes two steps forward and only one back so progress is happening.

i'm thinking about buying him some breath-right strips though. i don't know how this giant little guy can possibly snore so freaking loud. unbelievable. i have been near him and his snoring while on the phone and the people on the other end of my conversation can hear him over the phone...

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Kelly O said...

The dooce fan in me loves Chuckles, and the wino in me loves Two Buck Chuck.

I am mad jealous of your dog. I think as soon as we get a house (or trailer, or out of the apartment in general) we will get one. Just don't tell the cat yet, she'll start waking us up at three every morning.