Saturday, November 1, 2008

usually i kinda dread the holiday season

lots of really crappy holidays behind me paired with the fact that i hate trying to come up with appropriate gifts for people make me want to hide out from november until january. and of course money is a HUGE issue this year also.

but something is different now. i already have a good jump start on my holiday gift shopping. i have bene trying to buy a little bit along the way for a while now so that we aren't hit in the wallet all at once in december. and, i have heard several friends either tell me or i've read in their blogs that they are stoked about the holiday season being upon us. and let me tell ya, that cheer has worn off on me. it makes me feel a little woozy.

for thanksgiving my family is having a barbeque. yes, forget turkey and dressing. my awesome family is going to barbeque and have potato salad and baked beans and my sister in law's wonderful home made mac and cheese that nobody can ever duplicate. personally, i think she bakes crack in it, but probably not. we'll eat brisket and ribs and drink beer. and we will give thanks.

hell yes. my mind is finally in a really good and sound place. this year thanksgiving feels really special to me. it's been one hell of a year, and i stress hell. between the hospital and what lead up to it, the hurricane, finances, and all the joys stresses of my angelic little monster i have never felt more greatful and appreciative of what i really have.

and for Christmas - the whole huge extended family will be here at the compoond. that is another thing i am really thankful for. it means that we won't have to travel and especially that my husband's grandma is going to love having everyone together at once. we'll do a big traditional meal with baked turkey, deep fried turkey, ham, chicken and dumplings, all the sides, and countless pies because we do so love us some pie.

so apparently bah-humbug-halfy will not be joining the festivities this year. it's gonna be tiny tim halfy. bet you're getting scared, aren't you?


Kelly O said...

The best part of Growing Up is changing the way you look at traditions, and how your family does their thing. It takes away the pressure to go all Norman Rockwell and have things perfect. They just are what works, and that's what makes it comfortable and right.

I've been fighting the Grinchies the last few years myself, but this year I have been putting lots of thought into decorating, how to set things up in a little different way, and doing it more on the cheap. I'm not ready to put up the tree just yet, but we are already planning our Thanksgiving dinner and all that.

Accidental housewife said...

Oh Halfy no Grinch? No Merry F'in Christmas? Whatever shall we do without you?

Glad this is a good Holiday Season for you!

halfpint said...

Sparklie, i can throw out f-bombs all day long. that IS my favorite word you know! things just *feel* really really good this year. and that kind of spills into how i feel about the holidays.